Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adventure to the Emerald City

In the spirit of awesome ideas, right in the middle of buying a house, Husband and I decided to go on vacation.

Well, we had been planning this vacation since February. And I say "planning" with many air quotes. Because other than picking the time and booking the flights, he and I did nothing but get on the plane to go visit our friends in Seattle.

M and D moved to Seattle in February after D got his dream job. D is Husband's college roommate and best friend, and M is a good friend of mine. They bought a house in South County and we spent many a night of law school, and then the boys' MBA school, over there. We grilled, we watched silly television (see: the Asylum movies [] and FAIL videos), we watched the boys build things. You know, the usual.

So when D got the awesome job that was perfect for him, we were so disappointed they were moving away. Who would we spend our Sunday nights with? Who would build random things with Husband? How could we get along without them?

We are getting along, spending time on our new house of course, but we knew when they moved we would want to go visit them in Seattle. Neither of us had been out there and it seemed like a perfect way to celebrate Husband's 29th birthday in July. We had no idea that it was going to be such a crazy month in our life.

Four days, and we accomplished a ton! M did an amazing job planning out our trip... we didn't lack for any activities! We even did things that other friends who used to live in Seattle said they had never done. This was so much of a success, we are already planning on next trip. There will be whale-watching on the next go-around!

But seriously, this is all we did in four days, with some pictures thrown in for good measure!

-Seattle Underground Tour

Day One (9)











-Theo’s Chocolate Factory Tour
Day One (36)


-Visit to the Fremont Troll

Day One (25)

-Tour of D’s office

-Dinner at Din Tai Fung (dumplings house) to celebrate Husband’s birthday

-Top Pot Doughnuts

-Boeing Tour

Day Two (3)

-Visit to the Flagship REI store

-Shopping in Bellevue

-Sunset on Alki Beach and view of Seattle skyline at night



-Space Needle
Day Three (42)


-Pike’s Market (Flying fish, first Starbuck’s, gum wall, etc.)

Day Three (29)

-Dinner with family friends

-Cascade Pass day hike (7 mile round trip, 1800 ft elevation gain)


Day Four (117)


Day Four (26)

Day Four (29)

At the top…

Day Four (46)




Insanity. But so, so, so much fun. :) We already miss M and D... when can we get that next trip planned?!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Adventures in New Housing!

We are now homeowners. 
They gave us the keys on July 2.
And now I know where every paycheck and bonus are going to go for the foreseeable future. My new house. With which, I am in love.

I'm still working on taking pictures, so I will be doing a proper before and after picture recap. But for those who follow me on Instagram, you have seen the crazy week that we've had - with removing wallpaper that is even more than glued on and trying to paint over it. We're getting there, and the pros are probably coming in next week to help finish the job.
The movers come July 22 to take care of the heavy stuff, and hoping that many boxes will be moved over there before hand.

I think we've rearranged the room assignments a few times and we haven't even moved in yet!

We have a four bedroom, 2.5 bath in a one and a half story in a suburb of St. Louis. There's a great yard and as soon as the wallpaper comes down and our colors go up, it will be amazing. There's a large living room and dining room right off the foyer and a sitting room off the open kitchen and breakfast nook. The master bedroom and bathroom are on the first floor and the walk in closet is huge. It's pretty much why I bought the house. ;) Upstairs, we've got three bedrooms and a bathroom so Husband will get an office, I'll get a craft room with open shelving and there will be a guest room next to the guest bathroom.

It's pretty much perfect. I'm in love!

P.S. Did I mention that he carried me over the threshold on Tuesday afternoon, once we got the keys? It was pretty darn adorable.