Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Proposal Videos are the Best

I love videos. I love proposals. I love video proposals.

This guy really set the bar high for all the other dudes out there. Let it be known that recorded or not, organized dance party or not, high tech editing or not, proposals of any kind are the most romantic moment of a girl's life.

Set aside a half hour to watch this amazing video and I promise, you'll be crying at the end.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Adventures in House Tours, part two

When last I got my big girl camera out to take real pictures, we saw the living room, dining room, sitting room and kitchen, plus the front yard and back yard. That post is here.

On this lovely snow day, I decided to get some shots of the rest of the first floor. Around the corner from the sitting room, and directly behind the main staircase is another foyer. In it, there’s access to the basement, a coat closer and double linen closet that serves as half storage for entertaining things (crockpot, rice cooker, extra red solo cups, etc) and half linen closet for the master bedroom since there isn’t one in the bathroom.

Next to that linen closet is the guest bathroom, the only half bath in the house.


We managed to get most of the awful wallpaper off these walls, albeit in very close quarters with my father-in-law, over the Fourth of July, but we couldn’t finish the job. This is one of the rooms that the professional painter handled for us while we were on vacation to Seattle.

I highly recommend buying a house, starting a project and get halfway through, leaving for a fabulous vacation, having your mother-in-law let the painters in to your new house, and return to a freshly painted house. It’s pretty awesome.



Off that same foyer, there’s the master bedroom suite. It’s a bit strange to have it right off the kitchen and on the first floor, but growing up, my houses mostly had first floor master bedrooms so it’s kind of like I remember. Some people find it strange because most houses in our area have all the bedrooms upstairs. I have to say it’s amazing to be 15 paces from my bed to the Keurig in the kitchen. Nice.

This is another room we painted, and removed the floral border (by me, I mean the professionals). We still have the former owner’s window coverings in this room because we just haven’t gotten around to dealing with them yet. The awesome thing about this room was that floral pattern on the window treatment.

Imagine this with me… white walls, and that yellow-blue floral design on the windows, on the bed, on the border around the room. And then turn around and walk into the master bathroom. The border continued in there on top of white walls. There was a matching shower curtain and – matching toilet seat cover. We still have that one in the basement, if anyone is looking to buy one with a pink tulip on it!



We decided to make some changes in the master bathroom. The toilet seat cover and old shower curtain are gone, as is the border. We painted this room the same yellow as in the sitting room because we had an extra gallon from that project. I think it’s nice and bright!

The other positive about this bathroom is the double sink. We’ve had a chance to share a sink at a friend’s house or a hotel and goodness, how you get spoiled with your own sink in the morning! It’s lovely.



I like to say this closet is why we bought the house. It’s the same length as the bathroom it shares the left wall with and is rather wide – not quite enough room for us both to be in there choosing clothes, but do-able. We could even clear it out and put a small nursery in there if we wanted! It’s amazing and I can see my whole wardrobe in one glance. It needs some reorganizing already and I’m sure we’ll have to add some more shelving soon, but it’s wonderful to have all that space.

So that’s our first floor. It’s where we spend most of our time and we’re pretty much in love.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adventures in Traveling with Only Your Husband

When you are traveling just the two of you, it’s a bit awkward to get a picture with Santa.

Disney Dec 5 2013 (2)

But you make him do it, or else give him this look all night long…

Disney Dec 5 2013 (13)

You find a spot to sit on Main Street to watch the big parade and giggle like a little girl when it snows when the soldiers come marching by…


You put up with the groans when the wait is over an hour to get this one picture with the 7 Dwarves…

Disney Dec 5 2013 (15)

And then take all the other character pictures you can find, especially Scrooge McDuck! Because they’re special for the parties.

Disney Dec 5 2013 (32)

You make him take pictures of your sad face – this might be the last paper FastPass we ever get. It must be documented.


You hang out at Hollywood Studios and take fun pictures of the scenery when people have left for the evening.


And then stand in another really long line to get a picture in front of the lights on the Streets of America.

Disney Dec 8 2013 (5)


You do all of this and have an amazing time at your favorite place on Earth, with just the two of you. Happy lawyer and happy wife!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Adventures in New Decorations

With a new house comes all kinds of possibilities – where to put the couch, how to arrange the master bedroom, are we going to fit all our stuff in the tiny pantry. The usual!

Plus, when the holidays come around, how are we going to decorate the brand new place? When we first saw our house last Memorial Day weekend, I knew that I wanted to put lights on our holly bush outside plus candles in the dormer windows. It would be so perfect!

The inside of the house was more of a question. We had the big fireplace in the sitting room that would have the nativity on the mantle and the stockings hung below. We figured the tree would go in there too, because there was room. Turns out we had a ton of decorations and didn’t have to buy a lot for the new place, except for some ribbon to decorate the outside wreaths with.

That’s when Husband had a great idea – he took ribbon and some extra decorations from the wreaths and brought some color to our staircase!


We took the wide red ribbon from Costco and wrapped it around the handrail on each side of the stairs. We put a small piece of tape at the top of bottom to secure it, but the rest was wrapped around the balustrades.


The red and silver clusters are just stuck in the ribbon. We probably should have taped them down because holiday visitors under the age of 5 really loved playing with them!


I love going up and down the stairs, even if we don’t have a handrail to hold onto. It’s just so festive! Plus, we hung our holiday cards on the same ribbon going down the hallway to the right of the stairs so they are always in sight.

The first Christmas in our house was a good one!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The 2014 Directive - January

So I might be a bit late to the game, but we still have a few weeks left in January, right?

I know I've already posted about my resolution for 2014 - being present to win - but I came across another goal-setting idea,  the 2014 Directive, on Jessica’s Kate and Trudy blog last week and really thought it would help me out this year. More info on the Directive is here.

Kate & Trudy The 2014 Directive

The idea is more than New Year’s resolution or a goal. It’s something you can focus on each month, whether it’s dieting or spending less money or getting your house in order. You pick something to focus on each month, stay accountable through a mid-month progress report and then complete your project each month, if that’s what is called for. Some of the projects might go beyond a single month, but all in all, I think this is a great system! The only rule is that the directive must be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound.

I have so much things on my to do list that I think this process will really help me focus on each project and get them done.

So for this month’s directive, I’m working on my 2013 scrapbooking project. I started Project Life last year and loved it – I wanted to capture the everyday and regular full page scrapbooking wasn’t doing it for me. So this pocket scrapbooking style really helped me. But, I’m woefully behind. I don’t think I even got to Fourth of July in 2013! So my directive this month while it’s still freezing and a foot of snow outside is to work on that project. After all, my craft room is now organized and clean so it’s a perfect space to work on that project!I will print out all the pictures and add them to the pockets, and fill out the journal card to complete the 2013 project! When I do that, I'll allow myself to buy the 2014 supplies and start on that scrapbook. :)

I hope that I can keep on track and get move some of these projects from the “to do list” to the “completed list”!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Adventures in New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2014! I simply cannot believe a year had passed.

This time last year, we were with friends at Innsbrook, enjoying the falling snow (which would cause some problems in leaving the resort the next day!) and celebrating Husband's final exams the month before. He had just finished his last semester of law school and was preparing for the Missouri Bar Exam.

2013 would see him take and pass the big scary test, get admitted to the State Bar in Jefferson City with a ceremony that made me cry, then we got to celebrate his accomplishment at SLU's commencement ceremony and a party with all our friends and our family.

Pretty awesome year, if I do say so myself. :)

Now looking on to 2014, it's got a lot to live up to. I'm not one who loves resolutions or hates them. Sometimes I make them and sometimes I don't.

Last week, I watched a TedX video by Laura Schwartz, an author and speaker, and former Director of Events at the White House (see the video here). She talks about "being present to win" - she's talking about winning something at a conference, something we're all familiar with, you drop your name into a bowl and they pull the winner's name at the end of the event.

She talks about how that same concept - being present to win - is also a life lesson. You have to show up - being in the moment. You have to look up - look up from your device screen and be there for experiences in your life.

This really resonated with me this year. My husband will tell you I'm addicted to my iDevices and that's probably true. But I'm also so busy that it's hard not to experience the moment.

So this year, in 2014, I'm going to be present to win. I'm going to be there in the moment, and not be worried about tomorrow's event, next week's meeting, or next month's vacation. I'm going to be present.

It's show time!

What's your New Year's resolution?