Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adventures in Traveling with Only Your Husband

When you are traveling just the two of you, it’s a bit awkward to get a picture with Santa.

Disney Dec 5 2013 (2)

But you make him do it, or else give him this look all night long…

Disney Dec 5 2013 (13)

You find a spot to sit on Main Street to watch the big parade and giggle like a little girl when it snows when the soldiers come marching by…


You put up with the groans when the wait is over an hour to get this one picture with the 7 Dwarves…

Disney Dec 5 2013 (15)

And then take all the other character pictures you can find, especially Scrooge McDuck! Because they’re special for the parties.

Disney Dec 5 2013 (32)

You make him take pictures of your sad face – this might be the last paper FastPass we ever get. It must be documented.


You hang out at Hollywood Studios and take fun pictures of the scenery when people have left for the evening.


And then stand in another really long line to get a picture in front of the lights on the Streets of America.

Disney Dec 8 2013 (5)


You do all of this and have an amazing time at your favorite place on Earth, with just the two of you. Happy lawyer and happy wife!


  1. Giggles. Love this. Can't wait to take many of the same pictures in February! Squeal!

  2. This is great! My husband will surely be thrilled with all the pictures I make him take when we are there. Were you happy with Photopass? I'm debating the Memory Maker. I can't decide whether it's what I want or not.