Friday, January 17, 2014

Adventures in House Tours, part two

When last I got my big girl camera out to take real pictures, we saw the living room, dining room, sitting room and kitchen, plus the front yard and back yard. That post is here.

On this lovely snow day, I decided to get some shots of the rest of the first floor. Around the corner from the sitting room, and directly behind the main staircase is another foyer. In it, there’s access to the basement, a coat closer and double linen closet that serves as half storage for entertaining things (crockpot, rice cooker, extra red solo cups, etc) and half linen closet for the master bedroom since there isn’t one in the bathroom.

Next to that linen closet is the guest bathroom, the only half bath in the house.


We managed to get most of the awful wallpaper off these walls, albeit in very close quarters with my father-in-law, over the Fourth of July, but we couldn’t finish the job. This is one of the rooms that the professional painter handled for us while we were on vacation to Seattle.

I highly recommend buying a house, starting a project and get halfway through, leaving for a fabulous vacation, having your mother-in-law let the painters in to your new house, and return to a freshly painted house. It’s pretty awesome.



Off that same foyer, there’s the master bedroom suite. It’s a bit strange to have it right off the kitchen and on the first floor, but growing up, my houses mostly had first floor master bedrooms so it’s kind of like I remember. Some people find it strange because most houses in our area have all the bedrooms upstairs. I have to say it’s amazing to be 15 paces from my bed to the Keurig in the kitchen. Nice.

This is another room we painted, and removed the floral border (by me, I mean the professionals). We still have the former owner’s window coverings in this room because we just haven’t gotten around to dealing with them yet. The awesome thing about this room was that floral pattern on the window treatment.

Imagine this with me… white walls, and that yellow-blue floral design on the windows, on the bed, on the border around the room. And then turn around and walk into the master bathroom. The border continued in there on top of white walls. There was a matching shower curtain and – matching toilet seat cover. We still have that one in the basement, if anyone is looking to buy one with a pink tulip on it!



We decided to make some changes in the master bathroom. The toilet seat cover and old shower curtain are gone, as is the border. We painted this room the same yellow as in the sitting room because we had an extra gallon from that project. I think it’s nice and bright!

The other positive about this bathroom is the double sink. We’ve had a chance to share a sink at a friend’s house or a hotel and goodness, how you get spoiled with your own sink in the morning! It’s lovely.



I like to say this closet is why we bought the house. It’s the same length as the bathroom it shares the left wall with and is rather wide – not quite enough room for us both to be in there choosing clothes, but do-able. We could even clear it out and put a small nursery in there if we wanted! It’s amazing and I can see my whole wardrobe in one glance. It needs some reorganizing already and I’m sure we’ll have to add some more shelving soon, but it’s wonderful to have all that space.

So that’s our first floor. It’s where we spend most of our time and we’re pretty much in love.


  1. Love what you have done so far. And I love your bedroom color! Having someone else do the work sounds absolutely wonderful especially when you don't have to be around during the mess!

  2. Totally jealous of your big spacious closet and your double sink. I started browsing the web for new houses today, and that's dangerous! ;)
    xoxo - Natalie