Friday, January 10, 2014

Adventures in New Decorations

With a new house comes all kinds of possibilities – where to put the couch, how to arrange the master bedroom, are we going to fit all our stuff in the tiny pantry. The usual!

Plus, when the holidays come around, how are we going to decorate the brand new place? When we first saw our house last Memorial Day weekend, I knew that I wanted to put lights on our holly bush outside plus candles in the dormer windows. It would be so perfect!

The inside of the house was more of a question. We had the big fireplace in the sitting room that would have the nativity on the mantle and the stockings hung below. We figured the tree would go in there too, because there was room. Turns out we had a ton of decorations and didn’t have to buy a lot for the new place, except for some ribbon to decorate the outside wreaths with.

That’s when Husband had a great idea – he took ribbon and some extra decorations from the wreaths and brought some color to our staircase!


We took the wide red ribbon from Costco and wrapped it around the handrail on each side of the stairs. We put a small piece of tape at the top of bottom to secure it, but the rest was wrapped around the balustrades.


The red and silver clusters are just stuck in the ribbon. We probably should have taped them down because holiday visitors under the age of 5 really loved playing with them!


I love going up and down the stairs, even if we don’t have a handrail to hold onto. It’s just so festive! Plus, we hung our holiday cards on the same ribbon going down the hallway to the right of the stairs so they are always in sight.

The first Christmas in our house was a good one!

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  1. The ribbon was a great idea! While it's fun to decorate it's hard especially when you're used to everything fitting a certain way up until then.