Monday, May 13, 2013

Zoo Adventures

Over the Mother’s Day weekend, we were invited to take my nephew to the Zoo for the first time. Oh what fun we had!


Uncle was holding nephew to see the sea lions swim over our heads in the tunnel.


There were tons of zebres out that day.


We even saw a baby camel! He’s hiding close to wall and the other camels are protecting him.


Dad and son. So precious!


The penguins were also a big hit.


Such a sweet family. Nephew is SO close to walking on his own!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms Out There!

On this beautiful Mother’s Day, I reflect on how incredibly lucky I am. I  know everyone says this, but I am simply the luckiest daughter there is. My mom has been there for me every step of the way – when I’m sick, reading to me ever since I could remember, and always answering the phone to tell me that I’m not going crazy about whatever silly thing has got me all riled up (even when it was during her work day and I’m sure she was under deadline).

She has shown me how you can manage a crazy household, save for all the things her kids want, and still be an amazing attorney with a pretty important job. I can’t imagine a better model of what it is to be a working mom.

We’ve always had fun together. I can remember road trips with the family and visits to family over the years. And now that we’re older, we can vacation together even more. Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Disney World, who knows where we will end up next? I can only imagine what our next adventure will be!


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Very Serious Oath

If you are lucky enough to pass the bar exam, you are invited to the Supreme Court of Missouri to take the oath of admission to the state bar exam. The oath was scheduled for last Friday in Jefferson City at the Supreme Court building itself.

I expected to enter the courtroom and see just one judge at the front. As we were waiting for the ceremony to start, the clerk of the court explained to us that the judges (plural!) would enter soon, there would be remarks, then the oath would be administered, then more remarks. After that, the president of the Missouri Bar Association would read each name and present the new lawyers with their license. Then more remarks and then we’d be done. It was a pretty involved ceremony!

I was so happy that we were finally at this point in the process. Of course, I took a ton of pictures.


Waiting for his parents, contemplating the oath. Or something.


His lawyer ad pose.


It was a beautiful law library in the court building.


Waiting for the justices to arrive.


Even though they spelled his name wrong, we still got the license.


A blurry picture, but it’s official!




The new lawyer and happy wife!


And his happy parents.


I have never been more proud of my new attorney-husband!