Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The 2014 Directive - January

So I might be a bit late to the game, but we still have a few weeks left in January, right?

I know I've already posted about my resolution for 2014 - being present to win - but I came across another goal-setting idea,  the 2014 Directive, on Jessica’s Kate and Trudy blog last week and really thought it would help me out this year. More info on the Directive is here.

Kate & Trudy The 2014 Directive

The idea is more than New Year’s resolution or a goal. It’s something you can focus on each month, whether it’s dieting or spending less money or getting your house in order. You pick something to focus on each month, stay accountable through a mid-month progress report and then complete your project each month, if that’s what is called for. Some of the projects might go beyond a single month, but all in all, I think this is a great system! The only rule is that the directive must be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound.

I have so much things on my to do list that I think this process will really help me focus on each project and get them done.

So for this month’s directive, I’m working on my 2013 scrapbooking project. I started Project Life last year and loved it – I wanted to capture the everyday and regular full page scrapbooking wasn’t doing it for me. So this pocket scrapbooking style really helped me. But, I’m woefully behind. I don’t think I even got to Fourth of July in 2013! So my directive this month while it’s still freezing and a foot of snow outside is to work on that project. After all, my craft room is now organized and clean so it’s a perfect space to work on that project!I will print out all the pictures and add them to the pockets, and fill out the journal card to complete the 2013 project! When I do that, I'll allow myself to buy the 2014 supplies and start on that scrapbook. :)

I hope that I can keep on track and get move some of these projects from the “to do list” to the “completed list”!


  1. Way to go! So happy you joined in for the 2014 Directive! Here's to a great month!