Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The 2014 Directive - August Update and September

So apparently when I unplug, I go all the way.

With the trip to Seattle at the beginning of August, I've been unplugged from most social media for the rest of the month. Not checking in at every single vacation stop along the West Coast and into Canada was liberating.

Coming home and checking Facebook wasn't as much of a need as it was before. There weren't a ton of pictures posted on Instagram. I was checking Twitter but not putting a lot out there. Breaking the addiction was refreshing.

Now, even though there are a ton of events screaming for my attention every second of the work day (and then some), I've started easing back into social media. After all, it took me over a week and a half after coming back from vacation to post pictures on Facebook. My friends thought something had happened to me! :)

I'm still going through those images to decide which ones to share here, but my monthly directive for August was apparently to unplug!

For September, I think I'm going to focus on being the best employee I can be - we have at least 8 events in the month and they're all big and important. So I'm going to focus all I can on those tasks ahead of me.


  1. I've unplugged too, and now it's hard to get back in the swing of things!

  2. You were very quiet in August. It is kind of nice to walk away from it tho. Good luck on your busy September. I've only been back to work for just over 3 weeks and it feels like it's been months I've been so busy.