Thursday, March 14, 2013

Adventures in Ridiculous Faces

So my dear husband is officially done with law school and the bar. At the end of February, he took the big scary test and got through to the other side. Thank goodness we’re done with that part of it!

He came home after the test and then we got to head to Walt Disney World. Our favorite place. :) There will all kinds of family members that were able to join us for the celebration and we had such a good time. I didn’t take as many pictures as I was hoping for, but we did take some fun ones.

002 (1)

Husband and the nephew on waking up in Walt Disney World on the first morning. I think they’re pretty darn excited.

002 (7)

It was really cold the first few days we were there, so I ended up having to put on all my warm clothes! Since that wasn’t warm enough, I bought a fun Figment winter hat. I got lots of compliments on it!

002 (12)

The family had brunch at Raglan Road – that’s me, husband, BIL and his girlfriend and our nephew, MIL and FIL, my mama, and husband’s cousin and wife and little girl. Whew. We had fun!


002 (13)

The great and powerful Oz landed in Epcot while we were there!

002 (15)

Mom took our picture in front of every topiary they had set up for the Flower and Garden Festival. I think this one was my favorite!

002 (23)

Our special meet and greet with Mickey and Pluto happened because we have a Disney credit card. I love that my mom was so happy to meet Mickey again!

003 (1)

He had to get in on the warm hat fun.

004 (6)

We took my mama out for her special birthday that she celebrated on our trip. Dinner was at the African and Indian restaurant at the Animal Kingdom. SO GOOD.

005 (9)

I got to meet Rapunzel!!!! This was the first time I saw her in the parks (Epcot) and I ran up like a little kid to get in line. SOOO excited! She was really pretty. ;)

005 (26)005 (27)

Ok, I had fun at the Festival center. I didn’t buy either one of these things, but aren’t the pictures great?

005 (35)005 (37)

My nephew is a little flirt. Even the waitresses can’t keep their eyes off him! This lady at the Italy pavilion kept checking on us, over and over again, just to see our sweet boy again!

005 (43)

The kid loves his pins. We’ve started his collection already! Look at that tongue. HEHE!

007 (17)

I got to eat lunch at the new Be Our Guest Restaurant. Nothing like a croque monsieur at 10:30 am, huh? We waited in line at 9:45 am and were the third in line for the restaurant. It’s crazy popular and we couldn’t get a reservation for lunch so an early lunch it was. It was so worth it. JUST like walking into the movie. I may have even cried a little bit. #DisneyDork

008 (7)008 (15)

We had the family join us for the second weekend and little A met her cousin L again. She was more excited than he was.

009 (1)

After two diaper blow outs (one before the bus to the airport and one after getting through security), me and my favorite nephew had to let off some steam. Silly faces in the iPhone did the trick. I love that kid.


So yup, we’re already counting down the days until we can get back to our happy place. Maybe January? Here’s hoping!


  1. That pic of you in the eyore hat kills me! Hilarious.

  2. Looks like such a fun trip! I love the hat! It's fun to have something that you can only wear at Disney and people won't think you're nuts! I'm hoping you posted more pictures to facebook. I stepped away from it this month so I will have to look at them next month!

  3. Wow, that looks like such a fun trip! And by the way, your nephew is SUPER CUTE!

  4. I went on a cruise when I got out of law school. I was just so dead tired and worn out, had to get away!! Reading the texts from th bar exam gave me anxiety!! But... tell your husband the hard work is really just beginning (im sorry to say)