Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sometimes You Don’t Realize Something Bugs You Until it Does

You know how you always have those little things that bug you? Like a little bump on your cheek or a funky angle on your knee. No one else seems to notice them, but to you, they stand out like a sore thumb.

Over the past few months, I started to notice one of those things. A little bump on the end of my nose. It was red one day and I thought it was a pimple. I tried to pop it (ew, gross, I know, but sometimes you just gotta do it) but it definitely wasn’t a pimple. After it bled a few times, I decided to just ignore it. I guess I should have gone to the doctor at that point but it was easier just to ignore it.

I was at the dermatologist for another check up a few weeks ago, right before we went to Disney, and I had finally decided to ask the doctor if there was something he could do. He took a quick look at my nose and said it was a fibrous papule.

I suppose it’s better to have the doctor look at you real quick and say, yup, it’s no big deal, it’s this thing I’ve dealt with all the time and I can take care of it right now. It’s better than being “interesting” or something he’s never seen before! The doctor told me that he could cauterize the thing right off, in the exam room.

Yup, that means he was going to burn it right off. Given where it was, he said it was easier just to cauterize without numbing it. So I leaned back in the chair and he burned the thing off. It didn’t really hurt, just kind of pinched real quick.

Afterwards, it just looked like it did before, a bit red as if I scratched the end of my nose. And now, it’s totally gone!


In any case, that’s not what was so surprising about the whole thing. At Disney, when I mentioned the procedure to my mom and that I didn’t think anyone would notice but at least I would feel better about it, she said that she was glad I got it taken care of. She had noticed the bump in high school and had been keeping an eye on it. I guess she was worried that it might be skin cancer or something. But the funny thing is, I only really noticed the thing a few months ago, maybe a year. I didn’t realize that it was there YEARS ago. Looking back through Facebook pictures, I can see it in pictures from a bit ago but I don’t have good close ups of my nose that far back. ;)

She said she noticed it because she’s my mama and mamas know everything about their babies. My husband said he of course noticed the bump too. It didn’t bother either one of them, of course.

But for some reason, it bugged me that she noticed it and never mentioned to me that I could have it removed! It’s a totally cosmetic thing, really, but still.

Now it’s gone and it was so incredibly simple to have done. I don’t have to worry about the bump anymore!

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  1. What? I didn't notice it when we met at all. I guess mamas just pay particular attention to these things.