Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hats for Easter!

We celebrated Easter with brunch with our in-laws at a beautiful restaurant, the Historic Bevo Mill. What a fabulous place to brunch, even when not on a holiday! We ate until we were almost sick to our stomachs!

But what got me was the hat that my in-laws gave to my nephew for Easter. It matched his little golfers outfit with sweater and corduroys perfectly!



When we went back to our townhouse to open Easter baskets, our nephew found the Moroccan drum that a friend had given us a few years ago.

He was amazed. When he hit it, it made noise! We might have a regular musician on our hands. In addition to being an amazing football, baseball and soccer player, of course.



There had to be a picture with his Aunt Jessica, even though we could barely get him to sit still, after he switched into his pjs.


Isn’t he ADORABLE?! I can’t stand it.



  1. That last picture just made my ovaries explode. OMG. Dying.

  2. He is so cute! That hat is just perfect!

  3. Great pictures. We along with Jennifer and another minister and her parents ended up at Cardwells in Clayton for Easter brunch. It is a neat place.

  4. Dying over that outfit he's wearing. I have an addiction to baby boys in hats.