Monday, April 29, 2013

Adventures in Internet Clothes Shopping

So have you heard of this company called Stitch Fix? I’ve seen a few bloggers talk about it in the past few months and finally decided to try it last week.

The basic idea is that you fill out a style profile – what kind of clothes do you wear to work, how often do you dress up, are you casual or preppy, what sizes of clothes would fit you, etc. It takes about 20 minutes to fill everything out if you’re not paying a bunch of attention to every question like I was. I get distracted, even when talking about clothes!

They charge a styling fee of $20 to get your fix mailed. But if you like what you get in the fix, you apply the styling fee to your new clothes!

I asked for a mix of casual and work items, and for them to be towards the less expensive end of the spectrum. I got five items – four pieces of clothing and some earrings. Here’s what came in my first fix!


A gorgeous peach silk top with buttons that are sort of military inspired. I can see myself wearing this at work or even just hanging out on a beautiful spring night like tonight.


This is a sleeveless silk top which the styling tips said could be worn loose…


Or tucked in. I didn’t like either way.


Ick. Ok on the color but the buttons down the middle made weird bunching up.


Oh my. This cotton wrap dress is amazing! I loved it – AND it has pockets!

Hubs came in during my trying on sessions and saw the purple dress on me. He said, oh you need that! You can wear it to Disney and it will pack great for the summer. I told him I liked it and the peach silk top and he said I should keep both of them. The peach is unlike anything in my closet and I’ll wear the dress all the time during the summer. So for just over $100, I got two awesome items that were handpicked for me from my very own stylist!

I definitely think I’m going to be getting more Stitch Fixes in the future! What a fun site to get clothing delivered to my door especially for me!


  1. That dress is sexy. You look great. (I don't mean that in a gross, creepy way.)

  2. Really? I've never heard of this! Surprises and new clothes? Sign me up!