Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adventures in Surprise Wedding Showers

Warning: the people you are about to see are professionals. Don't try this at home.

I would NEVER suggest that anyone do what I'm about to tell you I did last month. Seriously, only highly trained professionals should attempt this particular feat.

I'm an event planner. I work on non-profit events for my day job and weddings for my side job. I do LOTS of events each year. And I love them! Give me some time to create a timeline, set up some decor items, and I'm a happy camper. It's fun!

However, what I don't love is the last minute nature of events. I've learned over 6.5 years to go more with the flow, because you have to be flexible in my line of work.

When my mother-in-law told me her longtime friend asked her and me to plan a last-minute wedding shower for her future daughter-in-law when the couple was in St. Louis over Memorial Day weekend, and oh by the way, it’s a surprise, I was a little worried. Well, a LOT worried. I had lots going on… like another celebration I could mention here.

But an evite sent out, a timeline created, cover story concocted, and supplies purchased the day after the graduation party, and we were set. A surprise wedding shower with Cardinal touches was a go. 


Baseball cookies from a local grocery store. So much easier to pick these up instead of making them ourselves!


Gus’ Pretzels makes fabulous pretzels in crazy shapes – including the Cardinals’ logo!


Popcorn in individual containers.


What’s a wedding shower without mimosas? Strawberries just completed the red look.


The sister of the groom made chocolate covered strawberries which were yummy!


The dessert table.


The mantel was decorated for the occasion.


Baseballs and peanuts!


Cracker Jacks and centerpieces.


The bride-to-be was VERY surprised. She thought she was coming to my MIL’s house for beer and pie. Winking smile


The couple with their gifts. He left pretty quickly after this picture to hang out with my husband while we had the party.


The bride-to-be with her adorable flower girl.


The planner and the bride-to-be!


Other guests…


And with her maid of honor.


While she was very surprised, I think she truly enjoyed herself once she was handed an adult beverage! She received some beautiful gifts and we had a lovely time hanging out before the wedding this past weekend. It was a great celebration.


  1. I love the baseball shower details! So cute! Their wedding looked like it was a lot of fun as well.

  2. Wow! I'm impressed! What a fun party and a wonderful surprise for the bride! And I now want a pretzel.