Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The 2014 Directive–April

I'm working along with a few other bloggers on these directives along with Jessica from Kate and Trudy. More info on the Directive is here.

Kate & Trudy The 2014 Directive

I’ve been working on my March objective of getting done the top level items on my to do list. If it says to clean the bathroom, I’ve been doing it. If it says call clients to confirm details for an upcoming event, I’ve been doing that! I think I’ve been pretty good at staying on top of those things. It feels really good to finish a day and know that I’ve been productive.

I’m going to continue to do those things and focus on the top level items on the to do list. But I’m going further in April. My husband and I have a running Google document called the “Master To Do List.” Right now, it has 63 items on it and only about 10 or so are crossed off. We started the list when we moved into the new house and have been slowly working on completing it. I don’t think it will ever be totally done with the list, because we keep adding to it as we go.

But in the month of April, I’m going to complete 5 of the items still outstanding on there. Some of the items I think might be right for the picking – organizing under the sink, calling the companies to get a bid on mudjacking the back patio and reorganizing our file system to accommodate for the new house paperwork. So five items off the list of over 50. I think I can do it!

What’s on your to do list for April?


  1. Oh, good luck. I have a to do list about 16 pages long. Mostly to do with the new baby. Working on the nursery and getting everything ready for her arrival. It's exciting, but exhausting. :)

  2. We will be gone more than we will be home. I do need to catch up on some Disney planning so I can get our Fastpasses booked. I'm a little sad to see how many things they are talking about making Fastpass beyond just the regular attractions.

  3. Way to go! :-) I still need to do my post and stuff for this month!

  4. What a good system - love the idea of just doing what's at the top first...

  5. This may sound crazy, but I just found you when I Googled "The 2014 Directive" to see if weird stuff comes up (it's mostly all government stuff -ha!) :) :) I can't believe you've been stealthily participating in this all year and I didn't know!! You can link up your blog to the reveal post and I'll get to cheer you on.
    Either way - so so so happy you're participating and I sure do hope you've reached April's directive! xo
    Jessica @ Kate & Trudy