Friday, March 28, 2014

Adventures in Mentoring

As an event person in the non-profit field, it's hard to find the right networking opportunities. Some are geared at non-profits and nothing to do with events, some are event focused and feature things that are so far out of our budget that we could never possibly have them at our event. But it's all about networking, right?

I've been participating in a few non-profit networking opportunities and was introduced to a non-profit event planner in an organization sort of similar to the one where I work. She followed up and asked if I wanted to have lunch and talk shop. Lunch and talking, count me in!

We had a great conversation and at the end, she asked if I would be her professional mentor. I was absolutely flattered. I still feel that I'm new at this whole planning events thing and I am always learning. But looking at my 7+ years of experience, and the wide variety of events I've worked on, I guess that isn't anything to sell short.

So, how does one go about being a mentor? Any ideas?

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  1. Nice! I just met with someone and asked her to be my mentor recently. I would recommend just keeping a running email conversation going - she may not have big questions right away but will want to feel comfortable messaging you when something comes up. xoxo - Natalie