Sunday, January 25, 2015

Adventures in Big Family Vacation Planning (part 7)

Oh boy, our planning was almost done! 60 days out and time was flying now.

And now, it was time to spend some more money. But I figure this one was worth it - Disney's MemoryMaker. It's a pass to get your picture taken in multiple places around the resort, with fun backgrounds, that allows everyone to get into the picture. We had so much fun with these pictures!

Since I'm writing this after the trip, I can show you a few of them!

They have photographers at most of the meet and greets and elsewhere around the parks. So I got to meet Anna and Elsa and get my picture taken!

There is a meet and greet with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy in Epcot that was just perfect for a large family picture. We had FastPass+ reservations for this attraction and I gave them a few minutes heads up that we were entering the line with 18 people. They managed to create some extra room so our big group could take a picture - in matching shirts no less! It was so much fun to get all these pictures, and we could all pay attention to the characters and not worry about the pictures.

Plus, the photographers catch some great moments - like this one where I gave Minnie a hug!

The other fun thing about MemoryMaker is the ability to get "magic shots" - the photographers ask you to pose in a certain way and then press a button to have some magic sprinkled into the shot. You find the surprise when you check the website for your photos after you've done vacationing for the day. The girls met Olaf and didn't even know it!

The service also gives you access to the on-ride photos. This one was really awesome because we didn't even have to scan our bands on the way out of the ride, the RFID technology in the bands recognized that we were on the ride and took our picture. Ain't technology grand?!

There are also a few on-ride videos that were added to our account as well, each time one of us rode Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Hollywood Tower of Terror.

I just love having pictures of the both of us on vacation - the photographers have fun with it, too! Since we take lots of pictures of just the two of us, they usually ask us to get all lovey-dovey and some of the shots are just adorable.

I wouldn't necessarily buy an on-ride photo but getting this one along with all the others is just great - look at my face!

So once one set of family members left, my family came in to join us for some Disney fun! We got a bunch of pictures together too.

 In addition to the photographers in the park, there are usually photographers at some of the restaurants. Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary Hotel is one of them where you get a picture at the beginning. They used to print them out for you and upsell you during the meal. Now they're included in the online service! So nice.

It's another great example of getting the whole family in a picture - it may be a bit overcast but still, so much fun!


  1. You are seriously adorable! Love the photos! What a fun trip!

  2. I love Memory Maker! It is so worth the money. You got so many great pictures and I'm so excited to use it this summer and have the 7 Dwarfs pics and now the videos! When we rode it last summer on one of our last rides there were flashes like other ride cameras and I was so hoping they would appear in our account. No such luck but they will this year!