Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Adventures in Big Family Vacation Planning (part 8)

One of the last things that we had to arrange was our Disney Magic Express transportation, once we had made our other plans.

Disney does everything it can to get you to their property and keep you there. Period. We call it the Disney Bubble, and while we love being in the bubble, not everyone feels that way. Husband and I experienced a Disney trip with just the two of us last December and decided to rent a car to avoid some of the long bus rides. It's definitely a different experience when you're driving!

When you make your flight reservations, you send the info to Disney or your travel agent so the bus can be ready for you at Orlando International Airport.

The most amazing thing about DME is that once you check your bags at the airport at home, you don't see them again until they arrive in your Disney Resort room. They take care of waiting at the luggage carousel and load all of the bags up in a van and with the tag they sent you earlier, they know whose bags they are and to which resort and room they belong.

It's a magical service!

But you have to be careful, because this delivery process can take up to four hours from the time you land. By the time, me and the family are already checked in to the hotel and headed to the parks. So we make sure that anything we need for the rest of the first day is in our checked bags, including our park tickets/Magic Bands, a park bag, our camera, change of clothes, you get the idea.

When we check into the hotel, we usually leave a bag or two with bell services while we head to the park. This way our iPads and other airplane bag stuff is stored, safe and sound at the resort, while we have fun.

It may sound scary to lose sight of your luggage for a few hours, but believe me, the magic of walking into your room after your first day in the parks and having your bags there is pretty awesome.

Once our DME information is confirmed, it's just the countdown to the vacation to look to... and that's the hardest part - the waiting!

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