Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Adventures in Big Family Vacation Planning (part 9)

So, we traveled to Walt Disney World with 23 people over 10 days. And survived! Lots of planning went into this trip and we had an amazing time.

What did we end up doing? Well, it was a lot and we never got bored! Here is a brief overview (more for me than anyone else) walking through the trip, day by day.

We are here! Gotta take a picture at our resort, this time is All Star Sports.

 A bit cold and rainy this time around, but still really fun. We watched the Fantasy in the Sky fireworks show on the 30th from Tomorrowland, which is our traditional spot. Ponchos came out that night but that's ok! 

 This was the night that we got stuck on Pirates of the Caribbean ride with all 18 of Husband's family -all in our own boat! Something was definitely wrong with the ride, because we got stuck multiple times. Then, they had to evacuate us from the ride RIGHT before the drop. Who knew those ropes on the other side of the boat from this guy were practical? They had to tie our boat down and then help us out, one by one. We got a great shot of this guy from our boat while stuck, so that's a positive!

Late that night, on the 30th, during Extra Magic Hours, the line for Anna and Elsa were crazy short. So I convinced Husband to hop in line and wait for this awesome meet and greet! 

 The next day was Epcot, and we managed to get a big family picture with the Big Cheese.

 Aww, c'mon! Nephew giving Mickey a kiss just stole the show.

 It was the nuttiest time at Epcot I have ever seen.

 We were told later that it was an estimated 92,000 people in the park that day.

 So we went to get pizza in Italy.

The four cheese pizza is "forget your husband's name" good. Oh my.

 We were there when Italy celebrated the New Year in the old country, so there was a huge celebration at the restaurant, with singing and ringing of bells. So much fun!

 Test Track from back stage.

 We ended up taking a bypass out of the park once the 6 pm fireworks went off, because there were just too many people to have any fun. Especially when walking around with 18 people. We decided to head for the resort.

 Nephew enjoyed the hat and the noisemaker first, though!

Happy 2015, everyone!

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  1. What a fun trip! Looks like Pirates will most likely be closed when we are there because of the issues they've been having. Hope they get it fixed. I still cannot believe the crazy crowds. I knew when they were announcing closure status's at 9 in the morning it was going to be bad. I'm going to have to try the four cheese pizza. That's where we are eating for our anniversary this summer!